Best golf courses in Sydney Australia


Whether you’re a semi-pro or more probable to spend your day hacking away in a blind rage, you can also as well do it with a scenic backdrop. Fortunately for golfers who locate themselves in New South Wales, an magnificent play and wonderful surroundings are just a short jaunt from the CBD.

The next give up on our nationwide tour to locate the pleasant 18s this facet of Augusta takes us south, to the excellent Sydney golf publications any serious swinger could have the privilege of playing.

Royal Sydney Golf Club | Rose Bay

The Royal Sydney elements on this listing for two reasons: first, due to the fact it is a multi-time host of the Australian Open and second, and most importantly, due to the fact it is the hallowed ground on which John Daly set a career spotlight by way of breaking a spectator’s digital camera in 2008.

Royal Sydney is as old-school as they come. It’s the kind of place the place earning membership entails an absurd waiting listing and references from effective people. There are no fancy waterworks or signature holes, simply a classic spherical of treacherous play that makes for one of the most profitable experiences in Australian golf. You can even get a spot of croquet in after your round, should you and your pals feel like it.

The Australian Golf Club | Rosebery

Whether you agree with in heaven, nirvana, or any other kind of paradise, this is as shut as it’s feasible to get down beneath – logically speaking, that is. Designed by using Jack Nicklaus, The Australian is the oldest golf direction in the country, predating the Royal Melbourne Golf Club by over a decade, and the birthplace of the Australian Open.

Though the route was once revamped in latest years, it still hosts the Cadogan Cup, which made its debut at the membership in 1884 and is Australia’s oldest golf trophy. Those fortunate enough to be granted entry to The Australian play in a rare combination of present-day prerequisites and historical company.

New South Wales Golf Club | La Perouse

Equally as distinct as Royal Sydney (yet somehow less intimidating), the NSW Golf Club makes the most of its rugged coastal surroundings. Players who make the pilgrimage to its undulating fairways and small greens find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature, who sees fit to test them with fickle sea winds and the great water hazard of Botany Bay. Overall a great place to have Australian strippers come play with you guys before celebrating back at the hotel for your buck’s party.

The club’s signature gap is the 6th, an iconic par-three perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the damage of the SS Minmi. It ought to additionally ruin your scorecard. The direction is so challenging that players should have a handicap beneath 27 to get on the tee.

The Lakes Golf Club | Eastlakes

To the uninitiated, The Lakes is simply that extra-fancy golf membership next to Sydney Airport. To the enlightened, however, it’s a world-class path with a rolling graph and a prestigious tournament history, inclusive of internet hosting the Australian Open for three straight years in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Becoming a member of The Lakes requires at least 4 referees, a letter of recommendation, an interview and the submission of your CV. That’s not a joke, but if you (understandably) pick to forgo that for now, taking part in The Lakes will fee you a pretty penny.

St. Michael’s Golf Club | Little Bay

Sharing the same stretch of coastline as the New South Wales Golf Club, St. Michael’s is the uncommon golf club with an inexperienced price listed on their website. A manageable $88 earns you access to a rolling links graph and ocean views that evoke thoughts of Scotland’s well-known St. Andrew’s, with NSW’s local surroundings adding to the charm.

While St. Michael’s is still in the upper echelon of Sydney golf courses, its beneficent fairways make for fairly forgiving golf at times, perfect for those looking to take a step up from the public course. two

Long Reef Golf Club | Collaroy

As you’ve virtually caught onto with the aid of now, ocean views are sort of a huge deal when it comes to designing top-shelf golf guides in Sydney. Thanks to is top positioning in the Northern Beaches, Long Reef Golf Club boasts sightlines all the way to the Central Coast in the north and Manly in the south. Designer Peter Thomson even went so a way as to describe it as “the high-quality web page of any golf path in Sydney”.

As a Group 1 course, Long Reef has hosted many of the qualifying rounds for each the Australian and NSW Opens. It also doubles as an amazing beachfront venue for weddings, birthdays, and different celebratory occasions.