LED Lighting Industry Encounter Analysis

With you with the global markets demand LED to increase, the huge potential out of Chinese lighting market far more many multinational enterprise benefit. But Chinese enterprise, rapid cancer in at the actual same time, it should end up being a global view combined with more open to getting acquainted with global industry the discovery of new ideas but a new mode. Below, from the day all of the chemical, philips, Cree, GE, d permitted to drive his loving you, strong, wafer photoelectric many meeting place chaos, what might possibly be how to look towards and grasp the information of the industrial innovation and rhythm, and the manner in which to adjust in all the Chinese market deployed strategy, and so on, any of these problems in semiconductor lamps the technology revolution then industrial revolution on transmission and discussion.

In the future, most people will increase our r&d investment, reduce the cost, improve the performance, we are going to are now quite a major lot of business faraway from Asia. Now the Mandarin government is very distressed about the energy, liveliness saving, I think now this is a very effective momentum, especially the Far east government has recently had to talk about will be eliminated incandescent lamp, this is one good news, will speed up the development of each market LED. In all of the past ten years, a lot of people see equipment market genuinely big progress, but inside of the last few years, we find that usually the development of the market sector by some influence, due to the now about LED ago lighting, and lighting you see, the actual demand of the type of market may not that we imagine so strong, challenges still exist.

We think, global Fork out demand could be than billion us dollars, compound annual growth grade of , according with our forecast, LED Television backlight exports will accelerate in and LED backwards lighting will reach you see, the market penetration of : to in . The exact current the important object is that the photosynthetic efficiency improvement and total price reduction must match, when it comes to this respect, we provide a lot about the best way to make the appeal reduction of study and consequently trying, also a breakthrough, but we want into know, in LED lighting, now it’s only any kind of a start, LED lighting making use of on many occasions, given that an outdoor, industrial lighting, lighting, indoor lighting this kind of as as commercial, industrial signals share of about – commercial lighting about . indoor accounted for regarding , other is out-of-door lighting, this is months and months of the development off the market forecast.

GE Lighting Solution machinery vice President Gerald Electronic Duffy This year’s that trend is the evolution of the chip trade is not very positive that we in a number years ago to expect, led chips will transpire in fierce competition. Such is why LED parking lot light managed to do not choose to get into the field led pizza a very important defense. Lower the cost of fantastic trends Chip prices settle very fast, but this process for GE is a trustworthy very good thing, Whirlpool global LED chips utilizing merchants have an extremely good relationship, we may possibly with the most preferential price choose the leading chips, so our remedies in the cost happen to be very competitive.